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You must read this Release, Consent, Waiver and Indemnification carefully.  This is a release of liability, your consent to known risk, a waiver of certain rights and an indemnification agreement.  


I realize that I will be exposed to inherent and other risks and dangers associated with this children’s indoor and outdoor play space and related activities and agree to accept full responsibility for any and all personal injuries, death, or property damage that may result. I acknowledge and understand the significant risks of injury and loss that accompany this type of activity and willingly, after careful thought and consideration, accept such risks. I assume all risks of injury, death, and property damage. I sign this Release, Consent, Waiver, and Indemnification (hereinafter, “Consent”) only after careful and thoughtful deliberation. 


I agree and bind myself and my heirs, my estate, my executors, family and assigns that I will indemnify and hold harmless Run Wild, LLC or their successors, heirs and assigns, from any and all loss, damage or injury, pain, suffering, or loss, including death, that may occur in such activity.  I release Run Wild, LLC from responsibility for any such injury or damage, including death, that may result before, during or subsequent to the above-described activity. I agree and covenant not to sue Run Wild, LLC for any such injury or damage, including death, which may be caused by such activity.


I am providing this Consent after having been advised to seek independent counsel to represent my interests.  I have carefully read this Consent and understand its effects. This is a binding legal document, an enforceable contract and not a mere recital.  It is the intent of the parties that if any part of this Consent is held invalid, then the remainder of its provisions will remain enforceable to the fullest extent allowable by law.

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